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XUZHOU YONGCHUN GLASS PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. Is located in Xuzhou eight sections of glass bottle Industrial Development Zone, convenient transportation, highway, railway, waterway, lead in all directions, the company was founded in 1984, under the jurisdiction of supporting enterprises - cap factory, mold factory, carton factory. Our company owns the exclusive ranks to fully automatic production line 5, the artificial line 20 Nissan various types of glass bottles 800000, the existing staff of 3000 people, including senior technical personnel 28 people, quality inspection personnel 15 people, strict control of product quality, layers of control, high-quality products to win customers at home and abroad, 70% of products exported to Japan, Russia, Canada, South Korea, USA, Japan, Australia, Syria, Greece, Lithuania, Philippines, Taiwan and so on more than 30 countries and regions.
My company produces more than 5000 varieties are: Honey glass bottle, glass bottle, glass bottle, jam, pickles, soy and vinegar, sesame oil, glass bottle, glass bottle glass bottles, beverage bottles, cans, glass bottles, glass bottle fermented bean curd seasoning wine glass bottle, glass bottle, health wine glass bottle, glass bottle, fruit juice pharmaceutical glass bottle, glass bottle, cup Coffee glass bottle, glass bottle, pharmaceutical glass bottles, glass candlestick, glass bottles of edible fungi, handle cup, cup, oral liquid bottles, bird's nest bottles, cream bottles of loquat, tissue culture bottles, perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles, craft glass bottle, glass bottle and can be cast sand, lettering, spraying, deep processing of ceramic etc..
Our company Maguchi Tetsu and supporting the production of plastic cover, trademarks and patents cover printing and processing, supporting all types of aluminum cap, aluminum plastic composite cover, nozzle etc.. Maguchi Tetsu models: 30#, No. 38, No. 43, No. 48, No. 53, No. 58, No. 63, No. 66, No. 70, No. 80, No. 82, No. 110, 90#, plastic cover all kinds of: polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS class material etc..
My company under the mold factory, according to customer requirements, in the shortest possible time, design a new bottle type, open a new mold, quality, reasonable price.
The company has mature logistics mode, consignment agent for its customers, motor, train, container, water, skin of air transportation.
My company is willing to excellent product quality, real prices, look forward to your fixed trade partner!
Warmly welcome domestic and foreign friends to come to my company inspection, guidance, negotiate!

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